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  • –  SDN is a highly innovative and scalable artificial intelligence platform offering smart cameras and AI solutions, comprising of computer vision applications, analytics, and IoT.
  • –  Based in United Arab Emirates, SDN was founded in 2018 with operating branches in Egypt, Lithuania, Canada, and Southern Africa.

Enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity with SDN’s AI platform

SDN Platform​


No devices, configurations, or servers required. Say goodbye to all those traditional requirements and infrastructure limitations. Users can access data from a unified cloud-based platform, seamlessly integrated with Edge AI-enabled technology and IoT.

Using SDN's Cloud Gateway, transform your existing IP Camera Surveillance system into a fully functional AI Monitoring and Analysis System.


Using our Customized Linux distribution AIVI Cloud Gateway can be installed on any computer, eliminating the need for supplemental hardware, and extra costs. 


AIVI Cloud Gateway was created with your Privacy in mind, the system will store all your video feed on your In-house server, while only uploading AI Metadata to the cloud for ease of access. 

Using SDN Vision Services Platforms, you receive the benefit of consolidating your multiple branches, and locations all in one place, allowing you to monitor, analyze and receive feedback from all your branches in one easy to use and easy to access Cloud Based Platform.


SDN Vision Services offers the same capability for Fleet Management, by providing our Clients with Multiple vehicle support, as well as no maximum capacity, allowing you to monitor fleets of 1000+ vehicles with the same ease it would take to monitor 1 vehicle.

Using our Cloud Based Technology, you no longer have to worry about running out of Storage. SDN Vision Services provide unlimited Cloud Storage for all your AI Metadata, such as Event Analytics, Reports, Facial Recognition data and much more. 


In case of local hardware failure, your most important Data will always remain at click of a button, using SDN Vision Services.


An essential feature for Government institutions, Banks and Highly Secure facilities. SDN Vision Service Platforms will easily integrate within existing systems.


Using our secure API’s, we integrate the SDN Vision Service platforms to become part of your existing system, allowing you to receive all your data securely and within your own network without use of VPNs or complex systems.


Artifical Intelligence

SDN’s innovative AI technology eliminates all the traditional requirements and limitations associated with IP cameras, by offering smart services that do not need any supplemental devices (DVR, NVR etc.)

Facial Recognition

By pairing Facial Recognition technology with AI, SDN has created comprehensive next generation solutions to face the problems in the market today.

Camera Transform

With SDN’s AIVI Cloud Gateway, transform your existing IP Camera surveillance system, into a fully functional AI Monitoring and Analysis system..

Cloud Based

SDN Vision Service platforms are cloud based, giving clients ease of access to their data no matter where they are.

Unbiased Scoring

Whether it is Driver Behaviour, Employee Productivity levels or Student Engagement Levels, SDN’s Vision Services will monitor, analyze and assign scores, giving you essential unbiased statistics.


A revolutionary feature providing clients with the ability to see areas where the most activity occurred, this feature is fully customizable allowing you to view any set of values from fleet activity, to employee engagement levels. 

Camera Timeline

Eliminate high data consumption and wasted time, using Camera Timeline view the entire days feed in a matter of minutes, by viewing snapshots of the days feed with color coded events giving you the ability to jump directly from event to event.

Number Plate Recognition and Classification.

SDN Vision Services provide not only Car number plate recognition, but also classification based on tenant or visitor.

Camera Wall

A first of its kind feature allowing you to stream live video feeds from all yours cameras, our camera wall gives you the freedom to create your own camera wall; Create, Resize, Move, and Group feeds however would best suit your needs.

Movement Analysis

Monitor high security areas, analyze the productivity of employees, review routes taken by your fleet. Using SDN’s movement analysis you will always be able to know where your employees/assets/students are, and how they got there. 


Three pillars of service with AI solutions and in-depth analytics to increase safety, efficiency, productivity, security, performance, and much more.

Fleet Vision

The Fleet Vision Service platform provides a comprehensive One-Stop solution for Fleet Managers and Supervisors to effectively; manage, monitor, and coach their teams. Using our next generation TechnoDrive Camera we can provide our clients with never before seen metrics such as; Driver Behavior Monitoring with automatic event capturing, Drive Scoring with driver statistics based on Driver behaviour, Heatmap Analysis, Camera Timeline, e.t.c  

Business Vision

SDN’s Business Vision is the Next-Generation solution for Business owners, by using our innovative AI technology paired with Facial recognition and IP enabled smart cameras, SDN’s Business Vision Service can provide metrics such as; Employee classification, Repeat Customer Identification, Customer classification, Number plate recognition, Heatmap Generation, along with Multiple branch support, and easy integration using APIs.

School Vision

SDN’s School Vision service Offers an educational enhancement tool, embedded with artificial intelligence solutions, to enhance the learning experience in classrooms like never before.

By providing teachers and administrators with specific and actionable analytics, it allows them to revolutionize their students academic experience. 

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