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  • –  SDN is a highly innovative and scalable artificial intelligence platform offering smart cameras and AI solutions, comprising of computer vision applications, analytics, and IoT.
  • –  Based in United Arab Emirates, SDN was founded in 2018 with operating branches in Egypt, Lithuania, Canada, and Southern Africa.

SDN Fleet Surveillance Kit

Reinventing The Way You See

Built in GPS Tracking

The SDN Fleet Kit is equipped with the latest GPS technology that supports round-the-clock tracking, no need for any additional units. Your true One-Stop Solution.

Real-Time Alerts

As the system monitors and analyzes from within the kit’s cameras, it can provide real time alerts to the driver to ensure maximum safety on the roads.

AI Enabled

The kit contains all the AI functions within it, eliminating the need for outside computing power for analysis. All that is needed is the kit.

4G and WiFi Capable

The kit supports both 4G and WiFi connectivity, allowing for faster connectivity to the Cloud.

Cargo Security System

Automatically lock your cargo via locks elecronically from the inside and can be only unlocked by a passcode entered by your driver or your control room agents, thereby preventing theft completely.

Motion Sensors

The SDN fleet kit is equipped with motion sensors that monitor cargo doors and the driver’s cabin to capture all malicious movements.

Remote Cut-Off System

The kit comes with a remote cut-off engine feature that allows you to cut-off power from the vehicle’s engine to force stop it in case of unauthorized access.

Driver Behavior

The kit is equipped with G-sensors to monitor reckless driving behavior like speeding or harsh braking and report it to the control room.

Driver Behaviour enhanced with Facial Recognition

Using our all new Ip enabled DMS (Driver Management System) Camera and our ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) Camera we can detect events such as; Driver Smoking, Driver Fatigue, Distracted Driving, and much more…

1080p HD Video

IP enabled Night Vision

4G, Wifi, Bluetooth enabled

Built-in Mic and Speaker

SD Card support

Tamper proof mounting


Cameras installed


Drivers Coached


Events Detected


Kilometers Monitored

Driver Behavior Events. 

These are the events detected by the DMS Camera:

Facial Recognition

Identify which Driver is in which car, limit access to unauthorized Drivers, and always know where your Drivers are.

Driver Distraction

50% of Collisions are caused by a Distracted Driver, using our DMS camera, Drivers will be alerted once a detection has been made to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Harsh Braking Detection

Over 20% of Collisions are caused by reckless driving, eliminate reckless driving using this feature. 

SDN Fleet Kit Cam3
Driver Fatigue

30% of Collisions are caused by Driver Fatigue, eliminate this using SDN’s DMS Camera which will detect and alert the Driver in instances of Fatigue.

Mobile Phone Usage

30% of Collisions are caused by Cell phone usage while Driving, in many countries it is against the law, ensure compliance through our DMS camera with Mobile usage detection. 

Smoking Driver Detection

Ensure no distractions while driving, with our smoking detection and alert feature. 

No supplementary Hardware needed. Using SDN's Fleet Kit, you can forget about DVRs, NVRs, and any other extra devices.


The SDN Fleet Kit is a One-Stop Solution for all your Fleet Management needs.

Secure your cargo while on the road

Our state of the art Cargo Security System makes it impossible to break into your truck. 

Smart Electronic Lock

Locks your cargo doors from the inside using our electronic lock, it can only be unlocked by passcode.


Prevent Cargo Theft

Since the smart electronic lock is administered from the inside of the cargo doors, they cannot be forced open from the outside.

In-Cargo Monitoring

An in-cargo camera is installed to record all the locations where the cargo door is opened, and uploads it instantly to the control room for verification.

SDN Fleet Kit Cam2
Rear Detection Camera

A rear camera is installed to monitor any malicious movements around the vehicle and instantly sends warnings to the driver.

Faces Detection

People in all footage are analyzed and identified by our advanced Facial Recognition technology and sent to the control room for verification.

Real-Time Alerts

The system monitors and analyses all the data internally, allowing for Real-Time, In-Cabin alerts to the Driver.




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