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  • –  SDN is a highly innovative and scalable artificial intelligence platform offering smart cameras and AI solutions, comprising of computer vision applications, analytics, and IoT.
  • –  Based in United Arab Emirates, SDN was founded in 2018 with operating branches in Egypt, Lithuania, Canada, and Southern Africa.

Video Security System
designed for restaurants & retail and cafes

SyncOne helps your team search smarter and investigate faster.

Prevent internal theft and effectively increase the bottom line.


From anywhere, you can keep track of all your sites in one spot.

Data + Video = SyncOne Dashboard

In one place, the SyncOne-dashboard allows you to analyse data to identify unusual activity and outlying transactions for all of your branches.

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SDNVision provides video analytics and IOT solutions to industries such as logistics, schools, restaurants, and retail.
SDNVision's products include the TechnoDrive Camera for fleet safety and SyncOne, a video analytics platform for restaurants and retail.

TechnoDriver AI Camera

TechnoDrive Camera
for fleet safety aids in reducing road accidents and saving lives. Using artificial intelligence, TechnoDrive cam helps to prevent and predict car accidents.


Commercial Fleets


Public Transport

SyncOne a Video Analytics Platform

SyncOne is a video security system designed primarily for restaurants and retail businesses.

Gain control and visibility over your business.

Sync your video security camera system and POS system data to detect problems before they occur.


SyncOne is a platform that controls your business operations, security, and loss prevention in a way that actually knows the retail environment.


If you own a quick-service, full-service, or fast-casual restaurant, SyncOne is the right solution for you.


If you own a quick-service cafe or full-service, SyncOne is the right solution for you.

Beauty salons

Barbershop or beauty salon; SyncOne is designed for you

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