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  • –  SDN is a highly innovative and scalable artificial intelligence platform offering smart cameras and AI solutions, comprising of computer vision applications, analytics, and IoT.
  • –  Based in United Arab Emirates, SDN was founded in 2018 with operating branches in Egypt, Lithuania, Canada, and Southern Africa.

About Us

Reinventing the Way you See

Why SDN? 

At SDN, we use the power of artificial intelligence, cloud-based technology, and IoT video analytics to offer the first, affordable AI platform of its kind in the region, with second generation smart cameras and cloud gateway solutions, to enable organizations to enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity.

SDN’s portfolio of comprehensive services combine hardware, software, and cloud to enhance real-time visibility and generate intelligent insights like never before.

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Greater Affordability

SDN offers competitively priced Second Generation Cloud-Based Smart Cameras, to meet all your needs.

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More Embedded Solutions

SDN has developed a user-friendly hardware and software platform, with room for continued technological growth and the addition of products in the future.

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Greater Accessibility

SDN allows for the seamless accommodation of AI-enabled technology in small and mid-sized companies, which has not been viable before.

Present in 4 countries and counting… 

Headquartered in Dubai, SDN currently has offices in South Africa, Egypt, Lithuania with plans to expand into many more markets.

What Do you gain with SDN?

Using SDN’s revolutionary solutions improve your business efficiency, security and control. 

SDN offers a seamless, integrated Edge AI-enabled and cloud-based platform for computer vision applications, enhancing efficiency and real-time visibility across a wide range of industries.

Having focused the past 1.5 years on the development and fine-tuning of products since its inception, SDN has ensured that its products are ready to provide all the solutions to meet your needs.

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