About US


  • –  SDN is a highly innovative and scalable artificial intelligence platform offering smart cameras and AI solutions, comprising of computer vision applications, analytics, and IoT.
  • –  Based in United Arab Emirates, SDN was founded in 2018 with operating branches in Egypt, Lithuania, Canada, and Southern Africa.

Fleet Vision

SDN has created the first Artificial Intelligence driven coaching platform for Drivers. Using AI, and Cloud Based technology, paired with Smart Cameras;

SDN can Monitor, Predict and Prevent Collisions.

One Stop Solution

Fleet Vision Service platform is the one stop solution for all your fleet management needs, with all the features of traditional GPS tracking, paired with AI monitoring and Facial Recognition.

Cloud Based

Fleet Vision Service Platform is cloud based, eliminating the need for traditional servers, and endless wires. Log in and access your information from anywhere.

Unbiased Scoring

Receive automatic Driver behaviour scoring and score based rankings, allowing you to coach your fleet to its optimum efficiency level.


Receive fully customizable, exportable and exhaustive reports on any and all of your fleet activities, from Parking analysis, to number of trips undertaken.

Fleet Vision Service Platform

The fleet vision platform provides Supervisors and Fleet Managers with all the tools to comprehensively monitor and coach their drivers, such as; Driver Behavior event capturing, gps tracking, geo-fencing, live streaming, dashboard analytics and reports

Driver Behavior Events. 

Our system will automatically detect, tag and upload driver behavior events:

Comprehensive Features for a One-Stop Solution

Stand-out features from the modules within the Fleet Vision Service Platform:

  • GPS Tracking
      • Multiple Vehicle Support 
      • Vehicle Grouping 
      • Live Tracking 
      • Live Tracking Split View 
      • Tracking History 
      • Geofencing 
      • Heatmap 
  • Driver Behavior
      • Driver Identification 
      • Fatigue Detection
      • Driver Distraction Detection
      • Mobile Phone Usage Detection
      • Forward Collision Warning
      • Driver Scoring
      • Pedestrian/Animal Detection
  • Trip Manager
      • Alerts 
      • Trip Explorer 
      • Trip Zones
      • Trip Zones Summary 
      • Trip Reports 
      • Detailed Trip Reports 
      • Trips Vehicle Summary 
  • Bonus
      • Camera Wall
      • Camera Timeline
      • Tracking History
      • Dashboard
      • Livestream
      • Access Control
      • Automated Reports

Camera Wall

Livestream video feed from all your vehicles, using the Camera Wall feature by SDN. Resize, Move, Group your feeds as per your requirements. With SDN’s Fleet Vision your control room is only limited by your imagination.

Camera Timeline

Using customizable snapshots from the camera, you can view the entire days feed in a matter of minutes. Color coded event tags, allow you to jump straight into video feed from the camera when the event occurred.


Our Heatmap feature allows you to view the area where your vehicles are most active. This feature can show you the areas where vehicles are parked for more than 5 hours. You are also able to view the areas where your vehicles have been active. This feature is fully customizable, you can create groups for your Vehicles, you can also monitor specific vehicles heatmaps using our Split mode feature.


Receive at a glance reports and analytics for your entire fleet, fully exportable to excel for ease of communication through the organization.

Enabled using the all new TechnoDrive Camera

Reinventing The Way You See. The all new TechnoDrive Camera.