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  • –  SDN is a highly innovative and scalable artificial intelligence platform offering smart cameras and AI solutions, comprising of computer vision applications, analytics, and IoT.
  • –  Based in United Arab Emirates, SDN was founded in 2018 with operating branches in Egypt, Lithuania, Canada, and Southern Africa.

Video Security System
designed for restaurants & retail and cafes

SyncOne helps your team search smarter and investigate faster.

Prevent internal theft and effectively increase the bottom line.


From anywhere, you can keep track of all your sites in one spot.

Data + Video = SyncOne Dashboard

In one place, the SyncOne-dashboard allows you to analyse data to identify unusual activity and outlying transactions for all of your branches.

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SyncOne is a video security system designed primarily for restaurants and retail businesses.

Discover how SyncOne can help you in these critical areas.

Loss Prevention

Learn how we can help your team search smarter and investigate faster.

Prevent internal theft and effectively increase the bottom line.

Quality Control

find a complete story for each customer; SyncOne records events of each sales invoice from all surveillance cameras, such as the kitchen – service area, to provide you with a complete picture of your operations.

Smart Security

Transform your security camera data into actionable information
Convert your camera footage into real-time insights for safer and smart business

How It works

SyncOne records your surveillance cameras and collects sales invoices from your points of sale system, combining them into a single platform that allows you to monitor all of your branches at any time and from any location.

Gain control and visibility over your business.

Sync your video security camera system and POS system data to detect problems before they occur.


SyncOne is a platform that controls your business operations, security, and loss prevention in a way that actually knows the retail environment.


If you own a quick-service, full-service, or fast-casual restaurant, SyncOne is the right solution for you.


If you own a quick-service cafe or full-service, SyncOne is the right solution for you.

Beauty salons

Barbershop or beauty salon; SyncOne is designed for you

SyncOne empowers your team to search smarter and investigate faster by addressing all POS activities that lead to internal theft.

  • Void Recepts

    You will be able to detect voids or cancelled receipts attached to video footage from every corner of your stores.

  • Refund

    You will be able to audit the refund receipts attached to the video footage.

  • No Sale

    SyncOne records all cash drawer activities and attaches video footage from various angles.

  • No Receipt Issued

    SyncOne employs artificial intelligence to detect customers in front of the cashier or in service areas.

  • Discounts

    All discounts given by managers and employees are documented with video footage.

Your business data dashboard combined with video footage on a single board saves your audit team time and money.

SyncOne creates a video story for each transaction in your business to help you see the big picture of your company.

SyncOne allows you to create a video story for each transaction, allowing you to see the life cycle of your products and services from the point of sale to the kitchen to the customer.


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